Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate Smoothie

Our smoothie aficionados with even the slightest sweet tooth love the Super Smoothie Cacao, mainly due to its combination of cacao and banana.

Chocolate Smoothie

This smoothie is also a great way to get a serving of veggies — kale and zucchini — without even knowing. It's like having vegetables in disguise.

It is a fantastic quick breakfast to start the day.


This is the most popular smoothie, mainly because it tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

SmoothieBox members have described this smoothie as “a healthy chocolate milkshake - not too rich, perfect for breakfast” and “chocolate with a hint of banana.”

One even was shocked, saying, “This tastes so good, how does this have vegetables in it?”


The Super Smoothie Cacao features

organic banana

organic zucchini

organic kale

organic coconut water

grass-fed collagen protein

organic sunflower seeds

organic banana puree (banana, citric acid, ascorbic acid)

organic coconut cream

organic cacao nibs

organic cacao powder

sea salt

The cacao nibs and powder come from the beans of cacao plants, specificallyTheobroma cacao, which after some processing is used in making chocolate.

Kale is a good source of vitamin C and iron, while the bananas and coconut in this smoothie are rich in potassium.

Blend It

Open the smoothie packet and add to a blender and then add the entire collagen packet.

Add your blending liquid of choice and then blend for about a minute or more.

Depending on the blender and how long you blend, this smoothie may have more texture from the sunflower seeds and cacao nibs.

For the Super Smoothie Cacao, various milks (almond, whole, coconut, or cashew) work as ideal blending liquids.

Cold brew coffee also works well for an added boost.

This cacao-flavored smoothie also tastes great with add-ins like peanut butter, almond butter, or sunflower butter, as well as maca powder, lion’s mane powder, and ashwagandha.

You can even add a drizzle of chocolate syrup if you want.


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