What To Know: 8 Health Benefits Of Strawberries

What To Know: 8 Health Benefits Of Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the most healthy and delicious fruits available. These nutritious berries are one of the main ingredients in our Berry Smoothie and our Strawberry Banana Smoothie. But not everyone is aware of all the benefits that strawberries offer, so we’ve compiled this list of eight reasons why you should add these yummy berries into your diet!

1. They are Loaded With Nutrients

Strawberries may just be little red gems, but don't let their size fool you—they've got big nutritional value. Strawberries are jam-packed with Vitamin C, manganese, dietary fiber, potassium, folate, Vitamin B6, and phosphorus.
That's not all! These pint-size fruits have plenty of other minerals like iron, calcium, and zinc too. When it comes to antioxidants, these little red berries are tough to beat.

2. Strawberries Can Help Prevent Heart Disease

Did you know that just one cup of strawberries contains around 164 mg of potassium? Potassium can also help reduce risk factors associated with stroke, osteoporosis, or high blood pressure.
Potassium, in the form of bicarbonate, helps to lower high blood pressure and protect against cardiovascular disease. Potassium can also help decrease the risk of stroke because it regulates heart rhythm.

3. They Can help Boost Your Immune System

Strawberries are loaded with Vitamin C which is necessary for healthy immune system function. so load up on strawberries during cold and flu season.
Vitamin C also plays an important role in collagen production, which helps strengthen your skin, hair, and nails! When your body lacks vitamin C, it cannot make collagen or connective tissue adequately so wounds take a long time to heal.

4. Strawberries May Reduce Cancer Risk

What's good for keeping your body healthy is also good for your brain. Recent studies have found that a higher intake of vitamin C may reduce the risk of cognitive decline associated with aging.
Those who had high intakes of vitamin C, as well as folate and carotenoids, were less likely to experience rapid memory decline. Strawberries contain more than just Vitamin C, they are also rich in other antioxidants that may help reduce your risk of cancer.

5. They Can Help Increase Your Energy Levels

Strawberries are great for mid-afternoon pick-me-ups. About 2 cups contain enough energy to last you until your next meal. If your looking for an extra boost for your day consider trying our new Strawberry Banana Smoothie!

6. They Can Help Increase Your Fiber Intake

If your diet lacks fiber, consider adding more strawberries to your day. Only about 4 ounces of strawberries gives you 3.4 g of dietary fiber. That's around 13 percent of the daily recommended intake for women and 12 percent for men. High fiber intake is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. So go ahead and eat your fiber!

Strawberries are not only delicious, but they're also nutritious! From their health benefits to their nutritional value, strawberries have a lot to offer you!

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