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  • Christina Badaracco

    Registered Dietician Nutritionist

    Most Americans struggle to consume enough fruits and vegetables. Smoothies can be a great way to fit them into our diets every day because they are quick to prepare, easy to transport, don't expire quickly in the refrigerator, and pack a lot of nutrition into a small volume. Smoothies bought from a shop typically come in plastic cups or bottles (which are bad for the environment), include juice that is devoid of fiber, and are quite expensive. I love that Smoothiebox's products use organic produce, helping to minimize exposure to pesticides. They also include nuts or seeds that add healthy fats and protein and help to keep blood sugar stable.

  • The Clean Eating Couple

    Food Blogger

    I'm always looking for quick and convenient ways to make eating healthy easier. SmoothieBox has been such a helpful tool in my daily life to get in extra fruits, veggies and protein. We love how simple and affordable the packets are for such a nutrient dense option!

  • Eat the Gains

    Food Blogger + Health Coach

    I am a huge lover of smoothies for an easy, quick, and nutrient-packed meal or snack and SmoothieBox is our go-to way to enjoy them. It doesn't get easier than being delivered to your door and the thing I love most about them is how they combine fruits and veggies and their nutritional breakdown. They have a good ratio of protein (w/ adding protein), carbs, fats, and fiber and aren't loaded with sugar. We love the flavors, I can easily customize them to fit my goals and nutritional needs, and we enjoy them most days of the week in our house.

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  • Taylor L.

    I was getting tired of looking for smoothie recipes and buying different produce that ended up going to waste. With SmoothieBox I know that with each pouch I’m going to have a smoothie that is filling and nutritious in just a few minutes.

  • Kim D.

    They are super convenient. They are super nutritious. I get my veggies in for the day because I won't eat them otherwise. And so I like the fact I can take just a few minutes to mix up my smoothie, have it with me, and get back to work.

  • Gladys S.

    I've been with SmoothieBox since the beginning. Being a nurse, I choose those because it keeps all my vitamin and minerals up. It's very easy. It's a great beginning to your day.


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