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Nutrition from a Lab. Can it really be good for you?

Lab-made nutritional supplements provide important nutrients for people who have a hard time getting the right nutrients. But are they safe? And is there a more sustainable option?

What comes in lab-made nutritional supplement shakes?

These health drinks are created using synthetic processes and contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and amino acids. They typically come in 8 oz bottles and provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. But that's not all of the ingredients. They're also made with things like Copper Sulfate, Corn Maltodextrin, Hydrochloride, Cellulose gel, artificial sweeteners, and many others.

While these drinks are good at supplying essential nutrients they also supply unnecessary preservatives and additives. So why go through all of that when there are plenty of other more sustainable options?

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Why would you want to use these drinks?

The main reason people choose to use these kinds of products is that they simply don't realise that they have other options. It is proven that a natural diet of fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains works better than a lazy diet of supplemental nutrition. However, many people think this is too difficult or time-consuming to do so they opt for health drinks instead.

What are my options?

SmoothieBox smoothies provide the same essential nutrients as health drinks, but they are made with natural and organic ingredients that will only benefit your health.

Our smoothies are naturally sweet so there are no added sugars. Each drink is portioned perfectly and is ready to drink in minutes!

Why Use SmoothieBox?

SmoothieBox smoothies are a cheaper, healthier alternative to health shakes. They come in bigger servings, provide the same health benefits, are completely customizable, and are 100% natural and organic. SmoothieBox smoothies have ingredients that you can easily read and pronounce and never have any added sugar or preservatives. Our smoothies contain real fruit, vegetables, and seeds so you always know what it is that you're drinking.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Be Enjoying Your Nutrition

Nutrition is an essential part of life. It can be a struggle to maintain healthy eating habits, but it's worth the effort. Many people don't realize how much better they feel when their diet consists primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low-fat dairy products rather than processed foods high in sugar or saturated fat.

If you are living an unhealthy lifestyle and need some encouragement to get back on track with your nutrition, here are five good reasons why you should be enjoying your nutrition every day!

Smoothies are a great way to start the day.

Smoothies are nutrient-dense, providing you with a large portion of your daily nutrients in one cupful. Smoothies also provide you with a lot of fiber, which is necessary for good health and digestion. Smoothies are an excellent way to start the day because they give you energy due to their high natural sugar content.

Smoothies can help you get your fruits and vegetables, which make up a large portion of most people's diets, in an easy-to-consume format.

Smoothies can be made with a combination of frozen or fresh fruits and veggies, so they are readily available to use most of the year. Smoothies provide you with easily absorbable nutrients from the produce in your smoothie - making it easier for your body to use them. Smoothies are also packed full of antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage caused.

The proper nutrition without having to change your lifestyle.

Smoothies are very easy to make. Smoothies can be made with ingredients that you probably already have on hand, and if not, they can be purchased at local grocery stores, making it convenient for you to always have smoothie ingredients available. Smoothies can also satisfy your need to snack because they are portable and a guilty free snack that benefits your health.

Your diet should benefit your health and your palate too.

Smoothies can be made in a variety of flavors so that you don't have to settle for a boring, bland, chalky taste. Smoothies are also packed full of texture, with ingredients such as nuts or seeds giving smoothie drinkers a textural experience and fresh ingredients like greens adding crunch. Not only are the taste customizable, but also the consistency of your drink.

Your nutrition should meet your needs.

Having an all natural nutrition drink that is customizable is more prone to meeting your health needs than a laboratory made nutrition supplement recommended to an entire age group. Smoothies are much more natural and can be formulated to your personal needs. Smoothies also leave out any possible allergenic ingredients that you may not want. Smoothies provide an excellent way of feeling energized and getting all your needed nutrition without draining your wallet.

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All Natural vs. Laboratory-Made Supplemental Nutrition

Natural foods smoothies are 100% organic with a high fruit fiber content with many potential nutritional benefits to keep you healthy and youthful. Among the health benefits of natural foods, health shakes include improving your gastrointestinal health, increasing the bone mineral density in both adults and children, and promoting long-term weight loss.

Supplemental health drinks

Most people use unhealthy artificial nutrient drinks to help a person who is not getting the right amount of nutrients for their health. Artificial drinks are unhealthy because they lack many important vitamins and minerals that natural foods have, such as vitamin A, C, K, and magnesium.

The difference between healthy smoothies and unhealthy supplemental food boils down to how sustainable they are in the long term. Natural foods have been around for centuries and are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that help your body be healthy. Artificial health drinks lack these essential nutrients which can lead to unhealthy side effects like weight gain or obesity.

Why should I get my nutrients from natural sources?

  • Natural sources are more sustainable than artificial health drinks because they have been around for centuries. Artificial supplements lack the essential nutrients that natural foods provide, like vitamins and minerals
  • Smoothies also taste a lot better than supplement drinks and are customizable. 

What are the health risks of Laboratory-Made Supplemental Nutrition?

These drinks are full of added sugar and unhealthy additives which can lead to unhealthy side effects like weight gain or obesity.

The health risk of unhealthy supplements is far less than the benefits it provides. Artificial supplements lack the essential nutrients that natural foods provide, like vitamins and minerals.* Many of these unhealthy side effects (excess sugar) can be avoided with healthy smoothies* Smoothies

Why take the risk?

Lab-made nutrient drink side effects tend to be unhealthy in contrast with the benefits it provides. These drinks are full of added sugar and other unhealthy additives which can lead to health risks like overweight or obesity.

So why drink a Laboratory-Made Supplemental Nutrition drink when you can have an all-natural healthy smoothie. What you eat makes a huge impact and it isn't something that you should brush off.

Heal the way nature intended

Recovering from an injury or surgery is a long and complex process. For the body to recover, it's essential to support and nourish it with natural whole food nutrition. It is important to fuel your body with organic vitamins and minerals for proper healing to take place, but many people use inorganic methods to receive these nutrients.

Why it matters

These artificial health drinks shouldn't be the first choice in helping your recovery journey. They are full of preservatives, sugars, and other chemicals that can affect your healing progress.

If you want to supercharge healing, focus on fresh whole foods as they are full of healing properties that work with the body's natural healing system.

A review from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews states "Vitamins may assist in reducing symptoms." There are many ways to use organic food as a tool for healing.

You are what you eat

Your body is a complete ecosystem, and healing occurs at the cellular level. The food you eat should treat your body with respect and deliver healing compounds to cell sites that need them for healing. Here at SmoothieBox, we believe that you shouldn't have to have a Ph.D. to understand what it is you are eating. That is why we only use organic ingredients that you can understand.

What sounds more appealing to you? Protein Isolate, Cellulose Gel, and Sodium Citrate, or Zucchini, Kale, and Ginger.

Do your body a flavor

Not only are our smoothies better for you than these artificial "health" drinks, but they also taste way better! With four different flavors and thousands of ways to customize them, our smoothies pack a serious punch with flavor.


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Pharma vs. Farm-to-Table

You may be wondering if the nutrients you get from your supplements are as good as those from food. The answer is not so clear-cut, but there are some important things to consider. For one, many pharmaceutical companies have been found guilty of using filler ingredients in their nutrient supplements that are less than desirable and can even cause side effects such as headaches or nausea.

On the other hand, farm-to-table products will have a higher quality because they do not use any fillers. This means that when you purchase a supplement made by a farm-to-table company, it's guaranteed to be high quality with no harmful additives or unnecessary ingredients whatsoever.

SmoothieBox's ingredients are flash frozen straight from the farm while at peak of freshness, preserving the dense nutrients and rich, fruity flavors.

This leads us to the next difference: taste. If you've ever tried some of the popular nutrient supplements on the market, then you know that they don't always taste so good.

These products usually contain copious amounts of sugar or filler ingredients added to cover up any undesirable tastes which may be caused by certain nutrients.

Even with the added sugars, you find yourself still trying to "stomach" these products because you are told that they contain all the nutrients you need. It is hard to get these supplements down when they are chalky and do not taste good.

SmoothieBox smoothies contain no fillers and are loaded with natural fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, acaí berries, and bananas. We never use any filler ingredients because the "filler" is what makes these products lose their flavorful taste and encourages you to consume a product that is not all natural and may have negative effects.

SmoothieBox has four different flavors currently including: Cacao, Berry, Green, and Clementine. The beauty in SmoothieBox is how you are able to recognize the ingredients, we are a natural form of nutrition, and our smoothies are customizable allowing you to only make them taste better.

Farm-to-table supplements are considered organic. Because of this, the nutrients inside will be unaltered by any pesticides or chemicals commonly used in mass production of food.

These supplements are literally cleaner than pharmaceuticals since there aren't any fillers to cut costs when it comes to production and transport.


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Customizable and Tasty vs. Chalky and Have to get it down

Nutrients supplements are a much needed and used product for people who take care of themselves. When it comes to nutrients, there is no one size fits all as everyone has different needs. What you should look for in a good supplement and how to find the right brand that not only best suits your needs but also your preferences.

When you are looking at your nutrition and health needs, it is important for you to choose a product that best fits your needs and helps you to succeed. Before you start looking for supplements, you should know what your deficiencies are which in turn will guide you in the right direction.

One of the most important things you should look for is a nutritional smoothie that fits your needs and tastes. There are several nutrition drinks on the market today, but there are some benefits to making your own smoothies instead of solely relying on store bought ones and this may be best for you.

SmoothieBox makes our product so that we provide you with the best base level smoothie,fresh fruits and vegetables, and the beauty of our product is how you can customize it to your preferences and needs. We provide you with all the nutrition you need, but leave the door open for you to add your own ingredients, altering the taste and honing down into your specific needs.

SmoothieBox does provide extra add-ins that you can get shipped to your door with the smoothie packs which follows:

1. Extra Organic Collagen

You can order SmoothieBox pre-packaged smoothies with extra collagen peptides to promote healthy and glowing skin. Collagen makes your skin smoother and reduces the chances of wrinkling on your skin. It also makes your tasty health drink heavier.

2. Extra Organic Proteins

Proteins take longer to digest than carbs, and a diet of protein-rich pre-packaged smoothies is a wholesome meal you can have as a healthy meal replacement. You can add these extra SmoothieBox proteins in your smoothie for a tasty, healthy drink that boosts your nutrition.

  • Vanilla Vegan Protein: This organic protein boost goes well with any SmoothieBox flavor.
  • Vanilla Whey Protein: This natural protein boost is delicious with Cacao and Clementine SmoothieBox flavors.
  • Chocolate Vegan Protein: This nutrient-rich boost is vegan friendly; if you like a chocolatey flavor in your smoothie, you can try this for enhanced nutrition and rich flavors.
  • Chocolate Whey Protein: This organic protein boost tastes good with Cacao and Berry packs.

Nutrients supplements are not just for people with specific medical needs. They can also be used to supplement a healthy diet, or to get the nutrients that you may need if you're trying to lose weight or have an active lifestyle.

Finding a supplement that suits your tastes and needs is important because it will make taking them more enjoyable!


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You don't have to compromise between nutrition and taste

It's often said that you can't have it all. But when it comes to food, you don't need to compromise between nutrition and taste. In fact, there are plenty of options that will give your body exactly what it needs while still satisfying your tastebuds.

Artificial nutrition & why it doesn't cut it

It is not hard to find simple nutrition options. There are plenty of products that offer lazy nutrition in a bottle. But these drinks are full of added chemicals and preservatives that are bad for your body. These nutrition shakes contain artificial sugars and flavors and they still don't even taste good.

Benefits of a natural diet

It's proven that a natural diet can improve your quality of life drastically. Healthy foods are not only good for your waistline, but they're also a delicious way to get the nutrients you need. Healthy diets help reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer as well as improve mental clarity.

A natural diet doesn't mean that it's super restrictive or boring either! You can still eat all the things you love while eating.


SmoothieBox is the best of both worlds. We offer high-quality smoothies that are healthy, delicious, and super convenient! Healthy smoothies are blended with the perfect amount of fruits and vegetables to get your body what it needs. Healthy Smoothies can also be made vegan or gluten-free if you have any allergies or sensitivities and can include add-ins like protein powder, supplements, and more.

No compromise needed

You don't need to compromise between taste and nutrition. Healthy smoothies are a great way to get your body what it needs and still enjoy the delicious flavors it craves without all the added sugar and preservatives. SmoothieBox makes nutrition convenient and delicious.

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Why supplement your nutrition when you could have the real deal?

Artificial nutrition drinks are an easy way to get nutrition quickly but it comes with many risks. These drinks are full of added sugars and preservatives that are completely unnecessary for your nutrition needs. Supplementary nutrition just is not the answer when it comes to proper nutrition.

Harms of Supplemental nutrition

Supplemental nutrition is used to get quick vitamins and minerals. It can actually have many harmful effects on your body and should be avoided. With ingredients like Corn Maltodextrin, Copper Sulfate, and Cellulose Gum. These supplements are designed to be a simple way to increase your vitamin intake but realistically, it's an unhealthy and unsustainable option. Unfortunately, many of the health concerns go unnoticed by the buyers of these health products because they are marketed to people as a healthy option.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can lead to a long and happy life. Instead of relying on supplements, one should focus on a more natural way of improving their health. SmoothieBox provides you with the highest quality ingredients that are all naturally sourced. Smoothiebox is designed as an easy way to follow a healthy lifestyle and stay on track with your nutrition goals

Make the right choice

There are many natural and sustainable ways to get nutrition that not only tastes great but provides proper nutrition for your body. Smoothies are a great way to get nutrition without sacrificing the taste. SmoothieBox offers smoothies that are healthy and nutritious.

SmoothieBox Smoothies are full of vitamins and minerals naturally. SmoothieBox Smoothies are designed to give you the nutrients that your body needs without containing any unhealthy additives.

There are many natural and sustainable ways to get nutrition that not only tastes great but provides proper nutrition for your body. Smoothies are a great way to get nutrition without sacrificing the taste.

SmoothieBox offers smoothies that are healthy and nutritious for the whole family!


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Alexi Pappas

My doctor said I need to supplement my nutrition, now what? - You have options

Health should be a very important part of a senior's lifestyle. But all too often it is neglected. Many elderly people struggle to get proper nutrition and resort to using artificial nutrient supplement drinks out of convenience or their doctor's recommendation.

Dangers of Nutritional Drinks for Seniors

Added Sugars

Added sugars and artificial sweeteners are the main ingredients in artificial nutrient drinks. Some of these artificial sugars can cause a number of problems for older people. They may cause an artificial boost in energy for a few hours, but then leave a person with even more fatigue than before. This is problematic because energy is crucial when it comes to keeping up with daily routines.

Digestive Upset

Seniors are much more sensitive to artificial ingredients and artificial sugars. Many have stomach ulcers, acid reflux disorder, or other GI conditions that

Nutrition Drinks & Liquid Meal Replacements Can Interact with Medications

The high amounts of vitamins and minerals in nutritional drinks can cause adverse drug interactions with a senior’s prescription medications. Older adults often take routine prescription drugs and over-the-counter supplements or substances.

What are my options?

A natural diet is always better

The artificial drinks filled with minerals, vitamins, and supplements still won’t contain all the nutrients that a whole food source provides. Studies show that a natural diet without processed sugars and artificial preservatives is always more effective. As a substitute for processed nutrition drinks, fruit and vegetable smoothies may contain no artificial ingredients.

SmoothieBox has what you need

Natural smoothies are a great option for someone trying to get proper nutrition in a healthy way. SmoothieBox is the perfect natural alternative to these artificial lab-made nutrition drinks. We offer a variety of smoothie mixes that are 100% customizable and delicious! All of our smoothies come in pouches and are frozen at the peak of freshness ensuring the highest quality.


Health should be a very important part of a senior's lifestyle. But all too often it is neglected. Many older people struggle to get proper nutrition and resort to artificial drinks out of convenience or their doctor's recommendation, which can have negative side effects that are detrimental for the ageing body.

Rather than artificial supplements, we recommend natural options like SmoothieBox frozen smoothies with no artificial ingredients!

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Caretakers: If you wouldn't give it to your children, why give it to your parents?

Just like you would not feed your kids unhealthy artificial meal replacements such as protein isolates, you should not provide your parents lab-manufactured meal supplements.

The human body is a finely tuned machine. It needs natural whole foods to function properly and laboratory made "nutrition" drinks and meal replacements are not that.

These products are artificially produced to fill a niche market, and have no place in the diets of our parents, or any other living creature. The body is delicate; and the nutrition that we require should be fulfilled through organic products. There are better ways to help out our parents than giving them processed food engineered by scientists in laboratories.

This whole notion of supplementing your parents with laboratory made meal replacements and special supplements is just plain wrong. Your parents deserve a full diet, not an engineered "nutritional" mix that costs more than real food.

Smoothies are a good example of an alternative way to supplement your parents with essential nutrients, without the addition of artificial flavorings and chemicals. Smoothies provide a healthy filling meal that can be enjoyed by those who have trouble chewing solid food. Smoothies also provide all the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that are needed for health.

By steering away from these artificial nutritional drinks and meal supplements and having a diet made up of natural non-processed fruits, vegetables, and seeds, there are additional health benefits.

Smoothies provide an alternative to high sugar and carbohydrate drinks. Smoothies can help weight loss, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, improve blood pressure levels, and lower cholesterol.

Smoothies also set a good example for our parents when it comes to their relationship with food. They should eat food that gives them the nutrients they need without giving up the taste they want.

We want our parents to have a long healthy life by eating the food that provides them the nutrition they need, not through drinks that could actually have negative effects in the long run.


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