Why We Use Pouches Instead of Cups

Since the beginning of SmoothieBox, we have strived to be different from everyone else. We envisioned our product to be easy, simple, recyclable, and completely customizable. So we had the brilliant idea to use pouches instead and here are our 5 reasons.

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1. Pouches are Customizble

The tricky thing about cups is that they do not allow you any room to customize your smoothie. If you wanted to switch things up with your daily smoothie or add some protein powder or collagen you would be really limited to what you could do. SmoothiePouch allows you to easily adjust the blend of your smoothies or protein shakes because all you do is throw your add-ins in your blender.

2. Pouches are Much Easier to Recycle

Single-use cups are one of the most thrown-away products in the US. 100 million cups are thrown away every day in the US.  Most cups are not recyclable and if they are, it is a very difficult process. Our SmoothieBox pouches are 100% recyclable.

3. It's Harder to Fit Cups in Your Freezer

If you're buying smoothies in bulk you've probably run into the issue of freezer space. Having pouches allows them to be stacked much more efficiently so you take up less freezer space. Our pouches also have intentional air slits so they do not take up any more space than they need.

4. Cups Don't Keep Your Smoothies Cold

Paper and plastic cups don't do anything to keep your smoothies cold. SmoothieBox smoothies can be put into any container for storage or be put into our very own insulated mug. Our mugs are a high-quality alternative to any other name-brand insulated cup or tumbler.


5. Pouches Are Much Bigger!

Did we mention that our pouches have not one but two servings in them? So you can easily make two smoothies to share with a friend or you can drink one and save the other for later.  How often have you eaten a cup of yogurt or greek yogurt only to feel like you are wasting the other half? With our pouches, you don't have to finish it all in one sitting.

The bottom line is that cups are not as sustainable, customizable, or convenient as pouches. SmoothieBox offers a variety of ways for you to get the most out of your smoothie!


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