Green Monster Smoothie Recipe

Green Monster Smoothie Recipe

Happy growl-o-ween! Feeling like a zombie in the morning or after lunch? Tempted by the office candy dish filled with Halloween treats? Skip the empty carbs and sugar-packed snacks! Treat yourself to a green monster smoothie made with SmoothieBox’s Green Smoothie mix, extra spinach, and two types of protein for hours of clean, green energy! 

What's in SmoothieBox's Green Super Smoothie?

SmoothieBox delivers frozen, ready-to-blend, organic smoothies  to your door. Our Green Smoothie mix is made with whole, organic fruits, vegetables, and seeds. It's naturally high in vitamin C, iron, and calcium. 

Spinach Tips for Smoothies

SmoothieBox's Green Smoothie mix is packed with spinach, but this recipe calls for adding even more for extra energy. For the best flavor and texture, we recommend using fresh baby spinach. Once it's blended, you'll be surprised by how a handful of spinach seems to disappear!

There are multiple health benefits to eating spinach, such as providing lasting energy, improving blood pressure, and heart health. Spinach is also one of the best leafy greens for a diabetic diet because it can help control blood sugar.

Green Monster Smoothie Recipe



  • Add the Green Smoothie mix, hot water, orange juice, spinach, collagen, and almond butter to your blender.
  • Blend ingredients until smooth.
  • Pour the smoothie into your favorite tumbler and enjoy!

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