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  • Step 1


    Place in your freezer immediately upon delivery.

  • Pour ingredients

    Step 2


    Add your Smoothie mix into your blender, along with your favorite add-ins.

  • Orange smoothie

    Step 3


    Blend on high for at least 60 seconds.

  • Enjoy your smoothie

    Step 4


    Pour into your insulated mug or glass and enjoy!

SmoothieBox recipes

SmoothieBox recipes

We've compiled some of our very favorite recipes and included some tips and favorite blends from our members and partners.

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What people say about SmoothieBox

Every smoothie order contains the best ORGANIC smoothie ingredients. Each smoothie kit is flash-frozen to lock in peak nutrients.

  • Courtney H.

    Strawberry banana smoothies

    Beyond thrilled! I am a health enthusiast and was so impressed with the ingredients, taste and overall simplicity of SmoothieBox. My littles are drinking them with me daily too! 12/10

  • Mary C.

    Smoothie bowl

    I'm a new member and I love SmoothieBox! I love the variety of smoothies, organic fruit and vegetables, gluten-free and low calories. Excellent flavors, thank you!

  • Sue B.

    Green smoothie

    Outstanding!!! Nothing better than getting a perfect combination of fruits and veggies for a healthy smoothie that tastes great. Love these!!


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Green smoothie

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