Benefits Of a SmoothieBox Membership

Benefits Of a SmoothieBox Membership

As we have been growing this company, we have been overwhelmed by the support, insights, and love from the SmoothieBox community.

What are the benefits of SmoothieBox Membership?

Our members who receive a monthly shipment of SmoothieBoxSuper Smoothies are constantly reaching out to us with exciting new recipes and stories of how creating a daily morning smoothie routine has improved their lives.

This has been the best part of building SmoothieBox - getting to see our initial intentions and mission come to life while making people’s day better. When we set out on this journey, we wantedSmoothieBoxmembers to experience some important benefits of being part of a like-minded community.

Here are, to our mind, the key benefits of being a SmoothieBox member:

Better health.

We’ve designed our Smoothie mixes with real ingredients so that you can start your day with a truly healthy breakfast option. We’re on a mission to get you the best possible ingredients: Organic fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and grass-fed collagen protein.

Complete and balanced meal.

Unlike other smoothies which are sugar-filled fruit bombs (often containing 60g of sugar!), our smoothies strike a balance of flavor and nutrition. SmoothieBox Smoothies have all the nutrients you need for a complete meal: At least 20g of protein, 10g of healthy fat, and a serving of organic vegetables. Real, healthy, natural foods.

Save time

Our lives are busy and we know that yours are just as hectic. Our Smoothie mixes were created to save you time in the morning choosing what to eat or making complicated meals. And, it is all without making any compromises on what you feed your body. SmoothieBox can be prepared in seconds and is perfect to take on the go.

Set it and forget it!

Decisions, decisions. With SmoothieBox, you never need to fret about what you are going to have for breakfast or the ingredients you might need. SmoothieBox is a monthly subscription service, so once you sign-up, we will automatically set your next bill date to be a month after your initial order date. You will receive an email 3 days before your next bill date reminding you that another SmoothieBox is on its way!

Flexible billing date.

You can change your bill date by logging into the member accoun portal. You also can cancel or pause your membership at any time without penalty. Similar to your initial order your order will arrive 2 to 10 days after you are billed.

Being part of a movement.

More than anything, we believe that the SmoothieBox community is a collective of like-minded people concerned about what they are putting in their bodies, improving their health, and developing good daily habits. We are all in this together.

In addition to our SmoothieBox Facebook Page, we also have a community group called SmoothieBox Super Blenders, where our brand advocates share their secrets to success using SmoothieBox. So be sure to join the group once you've signed up and started enjoying your SmoothieBox smoothies.

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