Real Results From A Daily Smoothie

Real Results From A Daily Smoothie

SmoothieBox was intentionally designed to wake up your morning routine.

We purposefully send you 20 smoothies in every box so your weekday breakfasts are completely solved for.

Save the bacon and eggs for the weekend.

We figured that drinking a smoothie every day would reduce stress in our members schedules.

We are even more excited to hear these additional reported benefits from our members who have had 5 smoothies a week for months.

Make better eating decisions.

Jami says, “Before SmoothieBox I would skip breakfast and eventually get to a point where I was so hungry that I would end up eating whatever I could find. Now with SmoothieBox in the morning, I find that I am full until lunch, I have more energy and I make better eating choices throughout the day.”

Keep your body regular.

90% of Americans don’t eat enough vegetables. This means not enough fiber in our diets. Corie shares, “When I started drinking SmoothieBox, I was surprised to find that I started to lose weight slowly. Not only does it keep me full, it also keeps me regular. I’ve lost 10 pounds and owe it all to SmoothieBox.”

Save money.

Kendada noted,“Price seemed steep at first. But after a few months I think I am actually saving money because I’m not throwing away product that spoils.”

Healthier skin, hair, and nails.

Carolyn shares, “After having the smoothies for 3 months and 5 days a week, my skin has shown significant improvements. My colleagues keep telling me my skin appears to be glowing!” At SmoothieBox HQ, we’ve noticed that our hair and nails grow much faster with a smoothie a day.

Thanks collagen peptides. Try it yourself– have a Smoothie every weekday this week and see how your body and mornings feel.'




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