Seasonal Produce Guide for October

Seasonal Produce Guide for October

Welcome to the seasonal produce guide for October. As we head into fall, many seasonal fruits and vegetables are making their way onto grocery store shelves. This means that you can enjoy fresh produce at a fraction of the cost! Check out this list of seasonal produce for October and find what's in season!


Dates are grown in the Middle East and North Africa. Depending on where they are grown, the dates will be soft, semi-hard, or hard when dried. Dates are used in a variety of dishes and beverages, such as cakes and bread. Dates contain high amounts of fiber which can aid digestion and make you feel full.

 You can find this fruit in our Orange Smoothie mix. Dates are also a fantastic add-in to your smoothies because they are full of nutrients and also provide sweetness. If you're looking for healthy ways to sweeten your smoothie, check out this blog post!



Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are available all year round in many grocery stores because they are grown in a different climate. During the months of October and November sweet potatoes will be in season at their cheapest.


If you think putting sweet potatoes in smoothies is a little strange then think again! Sweet potatoes are found in three of our smoothie mixes, so this root veggie has plenty of range!



Pumpkins are in season from early October to the end of November. This fruit usually doesn't have a noticeable taste, but you can dress it up by adding spices and other seasonal goodies to make a delicious seasonal snack. Pumpkin puree can be a healthy substitute for oil or sugar in cookies, muffins, pancakes, and cakes.If you're looking for some tasty pumpkin smoothies, check out this blog post!



This simple fruit is in season from August to October. Pears are seasonal fruit that is overlooked in the produce aisle, but you're missing out if you don't take advantage of this healthy treat.

One serving of pears contains at least 20% of an adult's daily value of vitamin C. It also contains high amounts of fiber and potassium. No wonder this seasonal fruit is called "nature's candy". Check out this Pear Smoothie recipe! 


Even though you can get apples year around, they are only in season from September through November. This seasonal fruit is a great way to ease into fall because apples can be used for savory or sweet dishes.


While many people enjoy eating apples as they are, this seasonal fruit is also used in many other recipes. Apples are found in our green smoothie mix but they work well in a lot of different smoothie recipes. 



Blackberries are seasonal produce that is in season from July through October. This seasonal fruit is a great source of Vitamin C, Calcium, and Potassium.


Blackberries can be used in a variety of dishes. The berries have a unique, tart flavor and they are often found in pies, jams, and preserves. But you can also use them in smoothies! 



Kale is in season from October to December. This seasonal green can be eaten raw or cooked and has a natural, earthy taste. Kale is often used for juicing and for smoothies because of its nutrient density and high amounts of fiber. Kale is one of the easiest things to add to your smoothie to give it extra flavor and nutrients!



Avocado is seasonal produce that is in season from November to April. Avocados are a great seasonal fruit because they can be eaten raw or cooked. Avocados have many health benefits such as lowering cholesterol to preventing heart disease!

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