Top 5 Benefits of Pre Workout Stretching

Top 5 Benefits of Pre Workout Stretching

While many people ignore it, stretching is an incredibly crucial element of an exercise routine. Studies show that pre workout stretching boosts blood circulation while helping individuals avoid associated workout injuries. These activities have a wide range benefits, especially for those doing intense workouts.


Here are the top five benefits of pre workout stretching and how they will improve your workout:

1. Longer Workouts

When stretching before a workout, you tend to elongate and loosen your muscles and tendons. This offers muscle flexibility essential for getting relief against muscle fatigue. Unlike toddlers and teens, the body seems to become less flexible as you age, more so when you remain inactive for some time. Engaging in a rigorous warm-up allows your muscles to loosen up and function more efficiently. Therefore, pre workout stretching plays a vital role in extending your training period and burning more calories in the process.

2. Increases Oxygen flow

Stretching before working out facilitates blood flow both to your brain and into the muscles. With increased blood flow, it means more oxygen reaches these parts through your bloodstream. Lack of adequate oxygen in the body can cause adverse effects on your muscles during and after the workout. Some of the common problems include muscle aches, pains, tension, and tightness.

Knees, back, neck and hips are among areas likely to experience pain, aches, and tension when you fail to stretch before your workout routine. Stretching for at least 15 minutes can help you supply adequate oxygen in these body parts and avoid associated aches and pains during your training.


3. Boosts Energy

If muscles remain inactive for quite some time, accumulation of blood occurs. Training without stretching in such cases often makes you feel tired and lethargic within a short time. Pre workout stretching aids in nourishing muscles, promoting oxygen concentration levels facilitated by steady blood flow in the brain. In turn, you get a significant energy boost crucial for promoting your workout routine.

4. Loosens Tight Muscles

Static, dynamic and passive stretching can help you warm up for your training.

Even a 90-degree test pose will do fine in keeping your muscle efficient when working out. Typically, stretching your muscles allows you to become more flexible, and it is crucial in easing tight and tense hamstrings, which commonly cause knee and leg pain.

5. Prevents Injury

One of the worst parts of working out can be getting an injury resulting from inadequate pre workout stretching. It is a common event among people who train without engaging in pre-workout activities. The primary cause emerges when muscles lack adequate oxygen hence incapable of elongating during the exercise.

Failure to stretch leads to injuries, in turn, ruining your workout routine. That said, stretching tends to promote coordination, which prevents cases of muscle tears and strains.

As you can see, there are countless benefits of stretching.  Next time you plan a workout, make sure to allow at least 5-10 minutes beforehand to stretch properly and prepare. During a healthy pre workout stretch why not enjoy a SmoothieBox Smoothie to give you an extra boost of protein and nutrients before you tackle your workout.


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