What are the Benefits of a Pre Workout Snack?

What are the Benefits of a Pre Workout Snack?

Giving your body the fuel it needs for your workout session is beneficial in many ways. Workouts and exercise take a lot of energy, and your body gets that energy from the food you eat.


When you haven't eaten in a while, mostly between meals, your body sources its energy from blood sugar, and your blood sugar levels can reduce because there is no food coming in. Identifying the symptoms of low blood sugar is a great indicator that you may need to start including a healthy pre workout snack into your routine.

Signs your blood sugar is low:

  • You have the feeling of tiredness or fatigue.
  • You have trouble focusing or concentrating.
  • You cannot do performance endurance exercises.

Benefits of having a pre-workout snack:

  • Increased motivation for achieving fitness goals
  • Better performance in endurance exercise
  • Properly focused during the workout.
  • Preserving lean muscle mass.

What to Eat Before a Workout

Getting the right fuel for your workout is all about concentrating on the nutrients that go into the body. A proper pre workout snack has healthy carbohydrates, fats, and protein for a long-lasting source of energy.

Carbohydrates are primarily the main source of fuel in the body. A pre workout snack with carbohydrates triggers your body's metabolism which causes the release of energy to your muscles during a workout.

Fats can be a perfect alternative source of energy. The difference in energy production of fats and carbohydrates is the amount of energy released per unit of time. Fats tend to release a higher amount of energy which is good for an individual with a workout that needs short bursts of energy like sprinting.

Proteins are perfect for bodybuilding and keeping muscles lean. Without proper intake of proteins in your body, the exercise you do will force the wasting of your muscles. Having a pre workout meal with proteins is beneficial in keeping muscle growth and repair constantly.

Time to eat a pre workout snack

The time you take your pre-workout snack determines how you will feel during the workout and also if you will train to your full potential. For instance, having a heavy meal before exercise that requires fast movements is a bad idea. The large meals may not be digested to produce energy, or the full stomach may give you nausea.

In such a case, a pre workout snack like a smoothie may be a better option since it is digested fast and easily. In the case of low-intensity workouts where there are low movements, but high endurance is required, it is advisable to have a pre workout meal half an hour earlier. This will avoid any stomach upsets and can guarantee a boost in energy.

Now before you hit the gym, make sure to fuel up with a snack and experience the difference it makes. Get creative and try SmoothieBox's Berry Energized Smoothie Recipe to get your energy levels up before your next workout!

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