Iron Smoothie Recipe

Iron Smoothie Recipe

Iron plays a vital role in helping blood carry oxygen throughout your body. Without enough iron in your diet, you may feel tired, dizzy, or cold. People with a severe iron deficiency are considered anemic and may experience symptoms such as headaches or difficulty breathing.

Our bodies can not make iron; it is absorbed from the foods we eat. Leafy greens such as kale and spinach are an excellent source of iron. Kale is the main ingredient in SmoothieBox's Chocolate Smoothie Mix, and spinach is the main ingredient found in our Green Smoothie Mix

Health Benefits of Spinach

Spinach is a nutrient-rich leafy green that is naturally high in vitamins C, K, B6, B9, E; potassium, magnesium, iron, and folic acid, all of which support boost energy, support immunity, promote healthy blood sugar, and improve gut health. Spinach is the key ingredient in this iron super smoothie recipe. 

Iron Super Smoothie Recipe



  1. Add frozen SmoothieBox Green Smoothie Mix and collagen to blender.
  2. Pour in coconut water.
  3. Add in spinach and honey.
  4. Blend.
  5. Enjoy!

Add a protein boost to your smoothie

Our whey and vegan proteins are the perfect nutrient-rich addition to your Berry smoothie to provide fuel for the day and support post-workout recovery.

By adding just one scoop of protein to your smoothie you can adapt this recipe to create an even more well-balanced and hunger-satisfying meal.

Find out more about our vanilla and chocolate protein smoothie powders:

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