7 Blending Tips For The Perfect Smoothie

7 Blending Tips For The Perfect Smoothie

 Making a nutritious and delicious breakfast smoothie is easier than ever.

With SmoothieBox, all you need to do is add the mix of frozen ingredients of your favorite flavor with the included collagen packet to a blender, pour in your favorite mixture, and blend.

7 Blending Tips For The Perfect Smoothie

While the three-step process is a cinch, on occasion, there may be some issues that cause a smoothie not to be mixed together as perfectly as you’d like. There are also a few tricks to making sure you get a smoothie at the perfect consistency, every time. And so, we’d like to share some of our favorite learnings and smoothie tips from making smoothies pretty much every day for the last year or so.

Blender lacking “oomph”

Your blender doesn’t have the horsepower of a jet engine, so you are finding that your blender whirs and does nothing to blend up that smoothie. You are left with what looks more like “Dippin Dots” than a healthy breakfast. You have to add so much liquid that you end up with 40 ounces of flavorless smoothie.

Solution #1

Allow your smoothie ingredients to soften for a few minutes prior to blending. Take your smoothie out of the freezer, dump it into your blender, and leave it. Or, just take the package and leave it next to the blender for a few minutes. Go make coffee, get in a quick meditation session, or do a few morning dishes — this is my favorite time to deal with dishes from the night before — come back, add in the collagen, liquid, and blend.

Solution #2:

Microwave a cup of filtered water or quickly boil some water, and then pour just an ounce or two of hot water into the blender in which you’ve already added the frozen ingredients and collagen. This will soften the frozen smoothie and make it easier to blend. Add in your liquid of choice and blend away.

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Collagen clumping:

You’ve added all your ingredients and your smoothie-making liquid of choice and after blending you look like you have a perfect, quick breakfast drink. However, once you start drinking you notice large clumps of something in your smoothie that are a bit surprising and do not taste good. You’ve got collagen clumps.

Solution #3:

Collagen is a great protein source, but if not mixed into a liquid well enough, on occasion, it will slightly gel. To avoid this, make your smoothie in this order: Add frozen ingredients to blender. Pour in collagen (spreading the collagen evenly around the frozen ingredients). Pour in liquid (pouring all around so that it starts to dissolve collagen and soften frozen ingredients).

Solution #4:

If you follow the steps above and it doesn’t work, your blender might not have enough mixing power. Another workaround is to first blend frozen ingredients and liquid, then add the collagen into the smoothie, and blend for a few seconds.

Soggy smoothie:

You like your smoothies thick, like a good chocolate milkshake. However, no matter what you do, the blender can’t seem to mix a smoothie without adding a lot of liquid.

Solution #5:

Stir your smoothie mid-blend and add a little bit of water. Use a tamper, a useful attachment for blenders, which allows you to blend and stir at the same time. (Additionally, Solution #1 above, works to solve this issue.)

Smoothie is not smooth and has a little “chew”:

Some folks like this texture, but others not so much. With real seeds in the smoothies, it may not be as smooth as you might like.

Solution #6:

Blend your smoothie for a full 60 seconds. (I count 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi). You may think your smoothie is done blending, but in reality you only blended for 30 seconds. The full 60 will get you the smooth consistency you are looking for.

Time is not on your side:

Even though our Smoothies are ready in minutes, your mornings so hectic that even taking a few moments to prepare a smoothie gives you anxiety.

Solution #7:

Prepare your smoothie the night before.

If you blend your smoothie and store it in a double-walled, insulated container —like our SmoothieBox tumbler—and put it in the refrigerator it will have the same consistency and great taste as if you blended it that morning.

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