How to Make Smoothies More Filling

How to Make Smoothies More Filling

Nothing is more refreshing than a fruit smoothie first thing in the morning.  But why is it that about 30 minutes later, your stomach is grumbling for more food? You can shove as many fruits and veggies into your blender as you desire you're going to be left feeling hungry and unsatisfied.

As healthy and delicious as fruits and vegetables are, they just do not provide enough substance to keep you feeling satiated throughout the morning. What you need is a filling smoothie. But how do you add to your smoothie to make you feel full longer?  


The best way to make your smoothies more filling is to add protein.

The easiest thing about this is that protein comes in many different powders, so you are able to spice up your smoothie to your liking. However, adding protein powders to smoothies is not everyone's cup of tea. Some people find that it alters the flavor in a strange way and takes away from the fresh feeling of sipping on natural ingredients. Luckily, there are alternative food sources that provide the same nourishment, with a different flavor. The most tasty and common protein sources to add to smoothies are nut butters, oats, seeds (chia, hemp, flax, pumpkin), greek yogurt, milk, and collagen.

All these ingredients contain at least 5 grams of protein per serving which is a good starting amount if you are looking to have filling smoothies as meal replacements. Evidence from the Purdue Investigative Research Center suggests that protein activates a satiety hormone release, meaning a hormone release in your body that signals to your brain that you feel full.


Adding protein to smoothies also helps slow down the digestion process, leaving your stomach feeling full because the smoothie is taking longer to work its way through the digestive system.


A helpful ratio to stick to when making filling smoothies is one cup of fruit/vegetable, to two cups of protein. In SmoothieBox smoothies, the protein is already provided for you, but you also have the opportunity to add in your own protein sources if you feel the need to (such as blending with milk as opposed to using water).


SmoothieBox smoothies are formulated with this science in mind. Our Super Smoothie recipes include protein that helps your body feel satisfied

Overall, there are many different ingredients that you can sneak into your smoothies to help turn them into a complete meal to fuel your body. While protein does help you feel full, it also provides your body with energy and nutrients that help you take on the day. Next time you want to make a filling smoothie, experiment with adding protein and experience the huge difference that it makes.


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