Natural Energy from Green Smoothies

Natural Energy from Green Smoothies

Can't start your day without having some form of caffeine as a kickstarter? There are ways to get liquid energy other than straight caffeine. A quick, easy, and healthy alternative to a caffeinated breakfast is a green smoothie. Green smoothies include ingredients that fuel your day with clean energy from natural ingredients. How do green smoothies provide natural energy?

Boost Your Energy with Green Smoothies

Berries, leafy greens, citrus fruits, and seeds all have ingredients and vitamins that give your body a boost. When combined as a smoothie, you will receive all the health benefits as a delicious morning energy drink without caffeine or processed sugar.

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Energy Benefits of Seeds in Smoothies

Seeds, such as chia, flax, and sunflower seeds help regulate your blood sugar, helping to prevent the feeling of an energy crash that happens after eating empty carb meals like a bagel, or after drinking a stimulant like sugar or coffee. Seeds are also considered a complex carbohydrate, containing a large amount of fiber which means they take a longer time to digest, giving the body a sustainable amount of energy.

Energy Benefits of Greens in Smoothies

Leafy greens contain several vitamins and minerals which work to keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day. They provide your body with vitamins A, K, C, and B, iron, and magnesium making them extremely nutrient dense despite their simple appearance.

Energy Benefits of Fruit in Smoothies

Berries and citrus fruits such as lemons and clementines are both packed with vitamin C which is widely known to give your body a boost in the morning. Adding these ingredients to your smoothies will give you a pick me up while also providing you with immune boosting benefits.

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If you're trying to steer clear from sugary energy drinks and expensive cafe coffees, look no further. Green smoothies give you the energy you want and nutrients you need to feel like your most productive and happy self.


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