Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe

Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe

You're going to love this creamsicle smoothie recipe so much that you'll want to add extra Orange Smoothies to your next SmoothieBox delivery!

Health Benefits of SmoothieBox's Orange Smoothie 

SmoothieBox's Orange Smoothie is made with organic mandarins, organic carrots, organic pumpkin seeds, organic ginger, organic potato puree, organic coconut cream, organic dates, and organic lemon juice. It's packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, and fiber.


The Health Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is a delicious add-in to healthy smoothies because it is high in probiotics, a good bacteria that can help improve gut health. Proper gut health aids in weight loss, reducing insulin resistance, and lowering glucose levels. Not all yogurt is healthy, however. Many low-fat and non-fat varieties compensate for the missing fat by adding sugar or fillers that add empty carbohydrates. If you have special dietary needs for diabetes or part of a weight-loss plan, check the nutrition information panel for high-protein, low-carb yogurt. For maximum health benefits, nutritionists recommend plain Greek yogurt. Our creamsicle smoothie recipe calls for whole fat vanilla yogurt, to balance between taste and health benefits.



  • Blend one SmoothieBox Orange Smoothie mix with yogurt, orange juice, vanilla, and agave nectar (optional) until thoroughly combined. 
  • Pour the smoothie into your favorite cup and enjoy!

Pro-Tip: For Diabetics & Weight Loss

To modify this recipe for maximum health benefits, reduce the sugar content by skipping the agave nectar, choosing a full-fat plain yogurt, and using a high-pulp orange juice for more fiber.

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Note: This blog was originally uploaded on August 11th, 2020 and was since updated


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Yogurt as part of a low-carb weight loss plan.

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