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Finally reach your health goals with convenient, high-quality smoothies.
  • Get more fruits & veggies
  • Replace your breakfast or lunch routine
  • No prep work; ready in minutes
  • Organic ingredients + no added sugar

Why I love SmoothieBox...

As a busy mom of 4 and entrepreneur, I absolutely love Smoothie Box! 

These smoothies are ready-to-go, organic, packed with nutrients, and, most importantly, simply delicious! 

Plus, unlike the ones you can buy in most big smoothie places, they do not contain added sugars, which means they are even more nourishing. 

Right now I am focusing on increasing my immunity and the 5 Orange Smoothie is perfect, as it's rich in vitamin C and other immune-boosting ingredients. 

All I have to do is open the package, blend everything with some water, and enjoy my smoothie -more often than not I take it with me while driving around my kids

People Love SmoothieBox

"A very tasty blend of fruits and veggies. Way better than I could make on my own."

- Adam S.

Verified Buyer

“No joke -  can feel it nourishing immediately after the first sip”

- Tammy M.

Verified Buyer

“My favorite clean drink. All I need to feel good first thing in the morning.”

- Ivanette M. 

Verified Buyer

How It Works

1. Choose Your Smoothies
  • 6 fantastic flavors
  • Organic ingredients
  • No added sugar sweeteners
2. We Ship Them
  • 100% Free shipping
  • No bulky packaging
  • Curbside recyclable box & insulation
3. Add liquid, blend, and enjoy
  • Blend and enjoy
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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