Chocolate Recipe Challenge

A week of recipes will get your creative juices flowing.

Get the most out of your chocolate smoothies. We'll give you a week's worth of recipes as well as recipe guide.

You're sure to fall in love with a recipe or two!

What to expect

You'll get an email every day around 7 am your time. There's going to be a recipe and a reminder to drink your smoothie.

When you have a smoothie a day, you're getting ingredients that benefit your body and mind, giving you maximum health benefits.

  • Facebook Group

    Exclusive access to private Challenge Facebook group. Connect with others along the same journey.

  • Daily Recipes

    Recipes that taste great, fill you up, and fuel your creativity and body.

  • Daily Motivation

    A quick email to remind you to take your smoothies with a recipe and some positivity.

  • Exclusive eBook

    Take a copy of the challenge with you. We give you a download of the challenge to keep.

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Do you have enough smoothies?

If you're already a SmoothieBox member, make sure you have enough smoothies for the Challenge. Adjust your billing date inside your account to ensure timely delivery for the Challenge. 

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People love our challenge

There is an entire community of past SmoothieBox Challenge participants that have seen great success! Check out what they had to say....

  • Hope

    Berry smoothie

    This was so fun! Building a community around the smoothies is fun and seeing what other people are creating! I've enjoyed the challenge so far, as well as the daily email with recipes and exercises.

  • Laurie

    Green smoothie

    I'm more alert and energetic during the day and I've noticed some weight loss - yay! It also motivated me to indulge less during the week!

  • Nancy


    I noticed I was eating less snacks before lunchtime because I was full from my smoothie. I lost a little weight because of this and I saw improvement in the strength of my nails from the collagen.

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Have questions?

We’ve got you covered. Below are answers to the most common questions about the Challenge.

How long is the challenge?

The smoothie challenge will run for 7 days, and we’re incorporating some fun giveaways and activities to keep it fresh and exciting.

How do I participate in the challenge?

Each day you’ll receive an email with some of our favorite recipes and health tips to keep you motivated, plus some exclusive content in our challenge group. Follow along and enjoy a smoothie a day with us, and we guarantee you’ll notice some differences by the end of the 7 days!

Do I need SmoothieBox smoothies?

It will make it easier for you to participate in the challenge to have SmoothieBox smoothies. We’ve done the hard work of prepping the bulk of the ingredients for your daily smoothie. All you need to do is have your favorite blending liquid and maybe an additional add-in or two (like bananas, yogurt, or nut butters).

What will I get while participating in the challenge?

You'll receive an e-book filled with recipes for the week, healthy tips to help you through the week, exclusive partner discounts, and more! Daily email reminders will be sent your way first thing in the morning. You’ll also receive access to our exclusive challenge Facebook group where you can share recipes and tips with other participants.

Are there any prizes?

The ultimate prize is a happier, healthier, you! But we have prizes to help keep you motivated and engaged! Plus, a mystery gift for all participants who complete the challenge.

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